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Welcome to our bulk handing and cargo superintendence blog. Here you will find lots of articles that will help you to streamline your bulk handling and transportation processes, as well as finding out about hiring specialist equipment.

Cargo superintendence is a specialised job where we handle the importation and exportation of your bulk cargo at the port side, dealing with all of the quarantine and regulatory issues, as well as storing the materials for collection by your transport services. We are proud of the bulk handling services we provide to our clients and are constantly looking for additional ways to provide cost effective services to a range of businesses. So welcome to our blog and enjoy!

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What is cargo superintendence?

At Bulk Cargo Services, we specialise in cargo superintendence, which involves the unloading of bulk cargo materials from the ship at port and transporting the materials to our storage facilities to await your collection. This job also involves liaising with the ship’s captain, making sure the stevedores know about the off-loading and are available and in position on time, supervising the unloading of the bulk materials, arranging for the storage facility to be ready for the delivery of bulk materials, ensuring that transportation to the storage facility is available and on time, and dealing with all importation paperwork, regulations and quarantine matters.

For the export of bulk materials, we ensure that all regulatory paperwork is complete, arrange and manage the transportation of the bulk materials to the wharf, supervise and manage the stevedores and loading of the bulk materials onto the ship, and liaise with the ship’s captain to ensure that the cargo is loaded in a safe manner.

We have multiple storage facilities for bulk cargo in Brisbane and Melbourne with a total area of 36,000 square meters.  We operate our storage facilities to the highest standards and comply with all Bio-security requirements.