What Size Storage Facilities in Brisbane Does Your Business Need for Bulk Cargo Storage?

Are you looking for storage facilities in Brisbane for your bulk cargo storage, but are not sure of the size you need? Maybe you only need the occasional storage of small volumes or you might need regular storage of large volumes. Whatever your requirements, at Bulk Cargo storage we can accommodate a variety of different volumes for our clients, so it always pays to give us a call, and we can put together a plan specifically for your business.

You will be happy to know that we specialise in bulk cargo storage and our storage facilities in Brisbane comply with Biosecurity (DAFF) QAP requirements. This means that our facilities are always operated to the highest standards and our equipment is in first class working order.

What other services do we offer in our storage facilities in Brisbane?
We’ll first of all, we have nearly 36,000 square metres of bulk storage at our Pinkenba sites and we have the capacity to build more. If you’re looking for something long term we are happy to look at building something to suit your bulk storage needs. We also have container hard stand and regular hard stand area. So you shouldn’t have any problems when you call us to arrange for the storage of your materials.

We can handle all your bulk cargo storage needs from unloading ships, transport, container decanting, and Australian Biosecurity requirements. On top of all this, we also offer 1 tonne bagging, blending, hammer milling and screening (including static screens, flip screens and power screens).

If all of your paperwork and the Biosecurity measures are to hand, then the entire process from unloading to storage to the out turn of your product will run smoothly. Here at Bulk Cargo storage, we do everything for you, so you just need to send us all the information regarding the arrival of your product and we handle the rest.

Having a vast range of services and experience at hand, Bulk Cargo storage facilities in Brisbane means that you don’t have to worry about anything and you can leave all the stress and worry to us. So if your business needs a first class, highly experienced firm to organise all of your shipping and storage needs, then you can’t do better than Bulk Cargo Services.

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