A Very Short Checklist to Consult Before Transporting Containers in Brisbane

Container transport in Brisbane is a specialised service, and at Bulk Cargo Services we offer quarantine approved storage at our Brisbane facilities near the port of Brisbane, as well as stevedoring services. Many of our customers ask us about the process of booking their cargo into our storage facilities, picking it up from the ships, as well as the quarantine conditions, but we tell them not to worry because we do all of this for them.

All our customers need to worry about is organising their own customs broker to handle all Quarantine applications and container release documents from the wharf, and we arrange the container transport in Brisbane to our bulk storage containers facilities for decanting, cleaning, and return of their container. That’s because at Bulk Cargo we like to handle the job from start to finish, so we know that everything is done properly and all of the paperwork is complete. Nothing is forgotten because we supervise the entire job ourselves.

What is the process of importing bulk cargo?

If you are importing bulk cargo into the wharf, we arrange for Brisbane container transport from the wharf to our bulk storage containers facilities. We manage all of the transport bookings, making sure that the transport is booked to arrive on time at the wharf, and well within the timeframe allocated by the shipping line.

This is one of the most important parts of the entire operation because container storage can get very expensive if they aren’t picked up from the wharf on time or returned on time. Once at our storage facilities, if quarantine is necessary, then we make sure that everything is in place and that the correct paperwork is available for inspection, along with the cargo.

We organise all of the decanting of the bulk cargo as well, and when we are ready, we make sure that the container transport in Brisbane is returned to its point of origin. Overseeing the entire operation in this way is designed to reduce the logistic stress on our customers, who simply need to book in their own transport once their cargo is cleared by Australian Quarantine services.

If you are interested in full-service container transport in Brisbane with experienced operators, all QAP facilities in place, and a great track record, then call us on 07 3621 1777 and ask us for a free quote.