Do Quarantine Approved Premises Cost More?

At Bulk Cargo Services, we offer quarantine approved premises to our customers, which abide by national biosecurity criteria, including strict pest control, weed control, general cleanliness and waste management on our storage sites. So the short answer is that if you need to store your imported bulk cargo, such as fertiliser or stockfeed, at our quarantine approved premises then this does incur an additional charge, but some is already incorporated in our regular storage and facility fees.

This is only reasonable, because we actually incur additional charges ourselves to maintain our facilities as quarantine approved premises, under section 46A of the Quarantine Act 1908. Here is a short list of the actions we must take to enable us to provide you with an approved quarantine approved premises for your imported bulk cargo:

Security: All of our buildings must be lockable or surrounded by a secure, lockable fence. As you can imagine, this type of security goes above and beyond the normal type of security usually required by a storage facility.

Lighting: We must provide specific lighting within the storage areas of our quarantine approved premises to allow quarantine inspectors to easily inspect the quarantined bulk cargo. As specified, this means that we need at least 400 lux in the storage areas and 600 lux in our inspection areas.

Buildings: We must ensure that all of our storage buildings are fully weatherproof, all wall and floor joins must be sealed and we have to make sure that vegetation and weeds do not grow into the buildings.

Clean ups: Any spillages or residue from the bulk cargo or packing crates must be immediately cleaned up and disposed of appropriately as quarantine waste.

Barriers: To maintain our quarantine approved premises, we need to ensure that there is no contamination between cleared goods and newly imported goods and we must store imported stockfeed in areas uncontaminated by local grain products.

Pest control: We must have a proactive pest control plan in place, keeping a knock down spray on the premises and complete records of all of our pest control measures.

As you can see, maintaining quarantine approved premises is quite involved, and these are only some of the legal responsibilities we must adhere to in order to keep our storage facilities Brisbane approved.

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