Do You Know How to Find a Tipping Skel in a Hurry?

When you need a tipping skel in a hurry, everything hangs on you hiring one in double quick time. You might have a late contract come through, which is too good to turn down, or maybe one of your on-site tipping skel trailers might have broken down.

Whatever the reason, you need some way to tip your containers so you can decant them easily, and your best option is to call us at Bulk Cargo Services. We hire out equipment to businesses and contractors that is used to load and unload bulk cargo and one of the items we have on our books is tipping skel trailers.

At Bulk Cargo, we use a tipping skel to tip 20 foot containers loaded with bulk cargo. Our customers import bulk material in containers, then we load them onto our tipping skel trailer for decanting. We use this equipment every single day and we know that they are reliable, tough and hardly ever breakdown.

We make sure that all of our hire equipment is well maintained, so our hire customers have no problems at all.  However, if in the unlikely event you do have problems, we will send our technicians over in the blink of an eye to fix the issue.

Benefits of hiring a tipping skel trailer

When you hire rather than purchase, you keep a firm lid on your capital, saving it for a rainy day. In the current financial market it is a much safer option to hire your equipment, rather than use your hard earned cash which could be put to other uses within your business.

Hiring is certainly a more logical option when you only need a large piece of equipment temporarily, to fulfil an order or because your own equipment has broken down. Even on a permanent basis, it is much easier to pay out a monthly hire fee than shell out thousands of dollars for a piece of equipment that needs regular maintenance.

It simply makes better financial sense to hire equipment than to purchase. So if you need a tipping skel in a hurry, call Bulk Cargo on 07 3621 1777 and we will fix you up right away.Do you know how to find a tipping skel in a hurry?