Should I Hire or Purchase a Tipping Skel for my Company?

If you need a tipping skel, then you need to decide whether to purchase or hire and there are advantages and disadvantages for both of these options. Skel trailers are open or flatbed trailers that are used for the transportation of cargo and materials that cannot be placed in closed trailers.

Tipping skel trailers are one of the most commonly used flatbed trailers and unlike other flatbed trailers they only have wheels on the rear of the trailer. This allows the skel trailer to be lowered onto the ground when it is released from the truck and they are designed to be used with heavy loads, such as heavy machinery or equipment.

Skel trailers are tough as nails and can certainly take a beating, they are also one of the simplest flatbed trailers, making them popular because of their low maintenance. Tipping skel trailers are usually custom built for specific purposes and in the bulk cargo industry they are usually used to tip or decant bulk cargo from containers.

Purchasing a tipping skel
When you purchase tipping skel trailers you can have it customised to your needs with the exact specifications you require. Since you have purchased the trailer it is always available at any time and you can move it from one site to another as your business demands. The problem with purchasing these tipping skel trailers is that they are expensive and will eat up a lot of your capital – money that could be spent in other more lucrative areas of your business.
Hiring a tipping skel
When you hire tipping skel trailers you don’t have to invest a large chunk of your capital in equipment; you’re free to use this money in other areas of your business. All you have are the hiring fees, which won’t set you back much at all. You also don’t have to maintain or fix these trailers, because you don’t own them, so hiring is a perfect option for many companies that need to move bulk cargo or containers around and don’t want to outlay a lot of money.

So if you are in the market for tipping skel trailers, check out the cost of hiring from Bulk Cargo Services, as their rates are usually very competitive.