Do I need to Hire a Cargo Specialist to Import My Products?

If you are importing or exporting bulk materials at any of our Australian ports, then you need to hire the services of a bulk cargo specialist. Cargo superintendence is a specialised job at the wharf, requiring a vast amount of knowledge and experience in loading and unloading bulk commodities from vessels.

At the wharf, you need someone specialised in all aspects of unloading a bulk vessel. So at Bulk Cargo Services, we offer the whole package, including cargo superintendence, grab hire, hopper hire, truck hire, stevedores, ship loading, as well as bulk storage at our facilities, which are close to both Brisbane and Melbourne ports.

What does cargo superintendence involve?
When the vessel arrives at the port, first of all we liaise with the master of the vessel and then ensure that all the stevedoring requirements are in place. We make sure that all the necessary equipment is on hand and that the stevedores are ready and waiting to unload your product. Once the unloading process commences, we supervise these operations around the clock, ensuring that everything is performed correctly and safely, and done so in a timely manner.

If necessary, we liaise with any customs broker you might have engaged and we also manage any quarantine or other regulatory requirements at the wharf. Whilst unloading you bulk cargo, we arrange for its transport to our QAP approved storage facilitie close to the port, which are operated to the highest standards and comply with all Department of Agriculture requirements.

At this point, we inform you that your bulk materials are at our facility, and your logistic team can take control and arrange collection as per your requirements. No timeslots are required. Simply arrange your own transport to come collect and we will load them and weigh them on out trade certified weighbridge. We also offer 1 tonne bagging, blending, hammer milling and screening if you need these services as well.

So if you are importing bulk cargo or ship loading via our Australian ports and you need cargo superintendence, be sure to give us a call and we can discuss your specific requirements.