How to Find the Best Bulk Storage Facility in Brisbane

If your business deals in importing or exporting bulk cargo, then you are already up to date with container transport in Brisbane. One service which you might not be aware of is the bulk storage of your products, which is where your products are stored near the port in readiness for loading onto vessels or for pickup by your own trucks.

First of all you need to understand that these storage facilities do more than just store your products. They can organise the container transport in Brisbane from the wharf, book any relevant Department of Agriculture inspections, weigh, decant, clean and return your empty container, then store your product until a time you are ready to collect.

So if you are looking for a bulk storage facility near the Brisbane port, what’s the best way to go about that?

Ask around your network
If you have been in business for any length of time, you will already have built up a sizable network of contacts in the industry. So the easiest way to find a bulk storage facility in Brisbane with a good reputation and who is well-known is to ask around your network for references.

Check their business website
Once you have a few company names to hand, the next step is to check their website, because any reputable business will have a professional website in place. This will give you some idea of their location, contact details and their services, as well as a ‘feel’ for the company.

Visit their facility near the port
The final step in sourcing a bulk storage facility for your business is to go and visit a few of them for yourself. Inspecting their premises and talking to them face-to-face will more than likely help you to make your final decision. This is much better than talking on the phone, but if you are located at a distance, then call them up and have a chat to them on the phone instead of visiting.

Once you have hired your container transport in Brisbane and organised your bulk storage facility with warehouse storage solutions, you are good to go!