Are There Bulk cargo specialists in Brisbane?

The port of Brisbane is Queensland largest multi-cargo facility and the third fastest growing port in Australia. There are a number of bulk cargo specialists in Brisbane who offer a range of customised services to their clients. So let’s take a look at the types of services you can expect from a bulk cargo storage company in Brisbane.

Import bulk cargo specialist services

When you import bulk cargo you need someone on hand to unload your cargo safely and who can liaise with the customs broker at the port. The last thing you want is for your bulk cargo to be mishandled or left to languish unprotected in all weather. When a vessel berths, it must be unloaded in a timely manner, so you want a cargo company who are experienced in unloading and who have a bulk storage facility close to the port.

Export bulk cargo specialist services

If you are exporting your bulk cargo, you need to transport your cargo to the port in sufficient time to allow for loading, before the ship departs. The best way to achieve this is to engage a cargo company who can provide both bulk storage for your cargo at the port and loading services as well. This means that your cargo will be available to be loaded on the ship on time.

Bulk cargo storage services
When you are exporting bulk cargo via the Brisbane port, you need to ensure that your cargo is on hand at the port to be loaded onto the vessel. You also need to ensure that someone is available to unload your cargo, when a vessel has berthed. In either case, you will need to temporarily store your cargo at the port, so that it can be loaded on the vessel or picked up by your own transport from the port at a time that fits in with your schedule.

If you know exactly the services you need from a cargo and bulk storage specialist, you will have no problem in finding the right one for your business in Brisbane.